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It is too late to safely mail back your ballot. If you have a ballot at home:

  1. Complete your ballot, filling in bubbles with black or blue pen.
  2. Be sure to vote for Joyce Griggs and your local HD and SD Democrat as well as Joe Biden/Kamala Harris, Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock.
  3. Drop your ballot into a secure ballot box located near you. Find one here.
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If you want to vote early, you have to go to an early voting location in your county. Many counties have more than one location, and you can go to any one of them. Usually, they are open from 9am-5pm, with some variation, on weekdays. They are also open Saturday, October 24th.

Click here to find your early vote location.

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Find your polling location near you here.



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The State of Georgia has purged thousands of voters off the election rolls over the last several years.  Check now to see if you are an active registered voter here. 

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If you plan to vote in person, check here to make sure you know where to go.

[/tab][tab icon_family=”none” title=”Having Issues Voting?” id=”t3″ tab_id=”1587373114657-2″]

DPG Voter Protection’s mission is to provide the resources and support Georgians need to vote, and ensure that every vote is counted. Visit here.

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