Help us reach our goal


Help us reach our goal

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I'm Asking For Your Vote

Last year, 135,000 of you stood in line & voted for me. This was the highest number of votes any Democrat has ever received in Congressional District One, sadly more republicans came out to the polls. Every vote counts. Early voting starts May 2nd, & I’m asking you to get to the polls, and vote to nominate me to represent you.

"I’m asking you to work with me to finish what we started!"

There is no better, more committed candidate than myself. I have been training for this “assignment all my life”. I will fight for you in Washington as I fought for our country.

I was born to sharecroppers, the sixth of 10 brothers and sisters. I put myself through College earning several degrees (BA, MA, and JD). I was commissioned in the US Army as a 2nd Lt Intelligence officer and severed over 33 years. I was deployed 3 times to Iraq and was awarded the Bronze Star Medal.

I am ready for my next assignment and ask that you send me to Washington to fight for you.

“I believe that too often our elected representatives do not have the interests of the people at heart.”

I do! I was born to lead and trained to serve. I’m a leader for all the people.
Elect me as your next Congresswoman.

I'm Joyce Griggs & I'm Still Fired Up & Ready To Go.

I am a retired U.S.Army lieutenant colonel combat veteran. I spent over 33 years in the military as an Intelligence Officer. Among my many service awards is a bronze star medal awarded to me for my work on the Global War on Terrorism. I was a deputy director of an intelligence program and worked with the U.S. Embassy in Iraq to develop legally binding agreement between the United States & Iraq.
I stay current and very active in local, national, and international affairs. My security clearance was one of the highest granted.

B.A. & M.A. - North Carolina Central University

JD Law - John Marshall Law School

Coastal Georgia Minority Chamber of Commerce

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2875 Highway 80 Garden City, GA 31408