Affordable Healthcare

Joyce believes that access to affordable healthcare is a fundamental right.

* Access to affordable quality healthcare in Urban and Rural areas for all.
* We must strengthen and Support Medicare and Medicaid.
* Mandate lower prescription drug prices.
* Protect Americans with pre-existing conditions.

Climate Change

Joyce knows climate change is real.

* Prevent environmental abuses and strengthen environmental protections.
* Protect our air, land and water.
* Support efforts to immediately reduce carbon emissions.
* Strengthen the Clean Water Act.
* Provide adequate funding to the EPA and Forest Services.
* Protect our Forests and National Resources.
* Protect national parks and natural preserves from drilling and fracking.
* Stop the dumping of chemicals and radioactive waste in our water supplies.
* Provide increase resources for Environmental Justice to vulnerable, marginalized and minority communities.

Criminal Justice Reform

Joyce Griggs will make criminal justice reform a top priority in the U.S. Congress.

* Revamp federal sentencing guidelines.
* Change the drug sentencing policy.
* Push for fair sentencing for all.
* Prioritizing rehabilitation of offenders, especially juvenile offenders.
* Abolish private prisons.
* Support restorative justice programs.
* Abolish racial profiling and illegal searches and seizures.
* Abolish police brutality.
* Stop “school to prison” pipeline.
* Protect the First Step Act

Protect Constitutional Rights for all citizens to include:

* Freedom of speech and assembly.
* Freedom to bear arms.
* Equal protection for all.
* Right to due process.

Attracting 21st century, hi-tech and green jobs into the district.

Support the expansion of Savannah Ports to increase jobs and revenue.

* Upgrade the infrastructure for our roads, bridges and drainage system.

Economic Empowerment

Encourage job training programs.

* Support and strengthen Labor Unions.
* Support Georgia's Working Families.
* Strongly support Davis-Bacon and the Building and Construction Trade Unions.