My Platform

Platform Issues:

Affordable Healthcare for All Americans

  •  affordable healthcare is a fundamental right Protect affordable and quality health care
  • All Americans must have access to affordable and quality healthcare in Urban and Rural areas
  •  Strengthen and Support Medicare and Medicaid
  •  Mandate lower prescription drug prices
  • Protect Americans with pre-existing injuries

Environmental Justice and Climate Change

  • Prevent environmental abuses and strengthen environmental protections and education Protect our air, land and water
  • Support efforts to immediately reduce carbon emissions
  • Mitigate man made factors causing climate change Strengthen the Clean Water Act
  • Provide adequate funding to the EPA and Forest Services
  • Protect our Forests and National Resources
  • Protect national parks and natural preserves from drilling and fracking
  • Stop the dumping of toxic chemicals and radioactive waste in our water supplies
  • Provide increase resources for Environmental Justice to vulnerable, marginalized and minority communities

Criminal and Social Justice Reform

  • Criminal justice reform on the National level flowing to the local levels.
  •  Revamp federal sentencing guidelines
  • Change the drug sentencing policy surrounding the war on drugs
  • Push for fair sentencing for all
  • Prioritizing rehabilitation of offenders, especially juvenile offenders
  • Abolish Private prisons
  • Support restorative justice programs
  •  Abolish racial profiling and illegal searches and seizures
  • Abolish police brutality
  • Stop “school to prison” pipeline
  • Protect the First Step Act
  • Protect Constitutional Rights for all citizens to include:

a. Freedom of speech and assembly
b. Freedom to bear arms.
c. Equal Protection for all
d. Right to Due Process

Military and Family Support

  • Support the Military Justice System
  • Limit multiple deployments for service members
  • End the forever war in Afghanistan
  • Increase military pay
  • Increase family separation allowance, hazard duty pay and other
  • Increase support services for families during deployment and redeployment
  • Provided support to minimize the impact of PTSD on the service members and families
  • Job protection for military spouses
  • Comprehensive program to reduce and end suicides
  •  Adequate mental health counseling for Military and family members


Provide competent and adequate medical treatment to all Veterans Expedited processing of VA compensation claims
Provide expedited funding for Veteran homelessness and mental health issues
Reduce the wait time for Veterans needing medical appointments
End any and all copays for prescription drugs
Institute innovated programs to identify those with PTSD and prone to commit suicide


  • Encourage job training programs
    Support apprenticeship programs in partnerships with local unions
    Procure new industries for rural and socially disadvantaged communities
  • Promote equal pay for women and all people
    Promote a living wage and increase the federal minimum wage
  • Support the Lillie Ledbetter fair paycheck and Equal Pay act
  • Support Labor unions and collective bargaining
  • Provide alternative jobs when technology replaces workers
  • Recruiting and attracting 21st century, hi-tech and green jobs into the district
  • Support the Expansion of Savannah Ports to increase jobs and revenue
    Promote upgrading the infrastructure to include roads, bridges and drainage system

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