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Help us reach our goal


Help us reach our goal
  • Healthcare for all to include paying special attention to mental health and drug crisis in this district.
  • Lowering prescription drug prices so that everyone can afford them. The pharmaceutical companies are making big money off of the small people and making it close to impossible to pay for vital prescriptions that are really needed and therefore people are going without medications that will sustain their lives or make the difference in people getting other sicknesses/diseases.
  • There are too many people that are sick and dying prematurely because they simply can not afford the cost of the premiums that would come out of their paychecks on their jobs.
  • Whether weekly by weekly or monthly they simply cannot afford to pay insurance on a job that they are being paid minimum wage or a little higher than minimum wage or they do not qualify for the state Medicaid or Medicare¬† programs.
Protecting Our Environment
  • Provide increased resources for environmental justice to vulnerable, marginalized and minority communities.
  • Also to educate the people on how to save their planet via simple cost effective and environment friendly methods and strategies that help to restore and revitalize our communities.
  • Each day we see the results of environmental destruction through what we have done to speed up the process through our reckless use of dangerous chemicals that affects the ozone, cutting down trees, etc.
  • All of this affects the world and how the climate is changing each day.

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Campaign Event"Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly." - Dr. MLK

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